Ecological Disaster in Hahotoe region (Togo): Population affected by Dental Fluorisis

In areas of Aneho, Agbodrafo, Kpeme, Goumou-Kope and Aglome at 30 Km from the capital of Togo Lome, we can see more and more children and adults bearing yellowed teeth. It is remarked in at least 70% of residents, the appearance of small yellow spots on their enamel or brown spots and tooth gap. People […]

AIDS and Tuberculosis: A DEADLY DUO

Among the opportunistic infections that occur among people living with HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis is in the front line. HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TB) are commonly called the “deadly duo” and are the most threat for the life of people living with HIV. And studies have shown that TB is the leading cause of death among Africans living […]

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